Motorcycle Shipping Tips

Most motorcycle enthusiasts LOVE their bikes. From all my years in the auto transport industry, there is an unprofound love I have noticed between motorcycle riders and their bikes.

That being said we want you to properly prepare your bike for transport... So we have made a brief list of tips to getting your bike safely from A to B. Motorcycle shipping is very easy. The trick is finding the right reputable carrier to ship your motorcycle.


Motorcycle shipping tips

Clean everything

Clean everything thoroughly beforehand. This will allow you to write down any scratches or marks on the bike before shipping.

Open vs enclosed

Many carriers offer open and enclosed options. Open means that the bike will be exposed to the elements. Enclosed simply means that the carrier has an enclosed trailer.

Secure all items

Make sure to properly remove or tightly secure any loose items on the bike.

Deactiveate the alarm

If your bike has an alarm it's generally a good idea to deactivate it before shipping.

Pick the correct carrier for the job

Here at Diamand Auto Transport, we only use the best drivers. We hand select the best drivers across the nation to ship your vehicle. Don't believe us? Give us a try.