Tips for shipping your car.

We provide both Open and Enclosed transport to our customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Open or Enclosed transport?

Open is simply transportation that is exposed to air, while enclosed is transport in a fully enclosed vehicle. Both shipping methods are extremely safe. So safe in fact that car dealerships use open transport for all of their vehicles. Enclosed transport is for those that have luxury or "exotic cars" and would like to take the extra precautions. About 97%-98% of all of the cars we ship are open-air transport. Generally speaking, prices for open transport are about half the cost of enclosed.

Distance, vehicle type, and common routes

These are the number one factors in pricing a vehicle to be shipped. Generally speaking the longer the distance, the more it will cost to ship. This isn't always the case though, as certain routes are rare and end up costing more. Weight + size are also a factor along with seasonal routes. The larger the vehicle, the more the carrier has to adjust his load accordingly. Also the more the vehicle weighs, the more gas it will cost the hauler. It may not seem like much but an extra 500-1000 pounds can cost a lot when travelling long distances. The last factor is seasonal routes. The more popular the route the better the rate for the most part. Also if you hit a popular route off season you are likely to fine cheaper rates. or instance Snowbird shipping from Boston to Florida is a very real thing. The carriers drive the east coast year round. During the winter months the trucks going from New England to Florida are full and prices get higher. In the summer it's vice versa and rates are substantially cheaper.

Condition of the vehicle

Does it run? This is one of the most commonly asked questions by carriers. In most cases carriers prefer to deal with operable vehicles. That being said a large percentage of them will ship inoperables, but there is generally an extra fee added for the winch.